INSIDE LOOK: Debris from deadly cargo plane crash held in warehouse

HOUSTON – Investigators allowed KPRC to tour a warehouse Thursday where debris from the deadly cargo plane crash is being held. 

Officials asked KPRC not to reveal where the warehouse is, in order to preserve the evidence. 

"Every pile that you see in this warehouse is significant aspect of plane….engineers separating working on the investigation of exactly what happened to 3591," said Brian Hawthorne, Chambers County Sheriff.

The plane was on its way to George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Miami when it crashed, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The crash happened in an area known as Jack's Pocket in northern Trinity Bay, according to authorities.

PHOTOS: Debris from deadly cargo plane crash

The three people aboard the twin-engine Boeing 767 were killed. The bodies of Sean Archuleta and Conrad Aska have been recovered, authorities said. Human remains believed to belong to the third person, identified as Ricky Blakely, have also been found.

Most of the pieces were found floating in Trinity Bay following the crash last month.

Others, including the two engines, were found hundreds of yards apart, one of them in the impact zone, the other far from it.

"It gives you an idea of the power and the velocity of the impact that took place when the aircraft hit the bay," Hawthorne said.

Each piece is now carefully being examined.

One by one, engineers are left to sift through it to determine what, if any, role they played in the deadly crash.

"Hopefully when this is all said and done we’ll know exactly what took place. The whole role of the NTSB is to make sure this never happens again," Hawthorne said.

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