HPD officer at center of deadly botched raid out of hospital, lawyer says

HOUSTON – Houston police Officer Gerald Goines was released from the hospital to recover between surgeries, his attorney said.

Goines is at the center of an investigation into a deadly drug raid at Harding Street in January and was shot in the neck and face during the resulting shootout.

"He still has a series of surgeries to undergo, and I think the thinking is he should be allowed to recover at home between the surgeries. So that’s the situation.  But, he’s not... he still has a lot of recovering to do," Goines' attorney Nicole DeBorde said.

Goines is accused of lying on an affidavit used to get a no-knock warrant that led to the raid, which ended with four officers shot and the deaths of Dennis Tuttle, Rhogena Nicholas and their dog.

In an affidavit, the reporting officer said that Goines, of HPD’s Narcotics Division, provided officers, including a high-ranking narcotics division supervisor, two different names of confidential informants. The warrant stated the two officers “interviewed all of the confidential informants and all denied making a buy for Goines from the Harding Street residence, and ever purchasing narcotics from Nicholas or Tuttle.”

The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the raid.

"They have not yet reached out to me, but again, we also welcome a third party investigation as we’ve been requesting that. We welcome a thorough investigation into this officer’s character and work," DeBorde said.

His attorney said Goines is innocent of any crime.