Meet Rowdy, dog that keeps tail wagging after being shot in back with shotgun

MONTGOMERY, Texas – A 1-year-old pitbull lab is recovering after its it was shot point blank with a shotgun, according to the dog's current caretakers. The wound, a softball-sized hole, will take a while to heal, but the dog remains in good spirits.

The rescue, Montgomery-based nonprofit, Who Rescued Who, took in the dog shortly after it was brought to a Livingston animal hospital. Who Rescued Who founder Kristina Walsh said the dog was very loving despite his injury.

"The volunteer in Livingston already named him Rowdy, and that pretty well fits him to a T," Walsh said.

Walsh said Rowdy was taken to the hospital and then abandoned by its owners.

"The vets in Livingston speculated that he was shot point blank with a shotgun," Walsh said. "We have the crater sized wound, but then leading up to that are some other marks where some other bullets had scraped across. There is really nothing else that could have done this type of damage other than a shotgun."

The wound is so big, it is hard to miss the gaping red hole. Walsh said veterinarians could not find enough skin to cover the wound. Walsh called in her mother, a 25-year veteran nurse, specializing in wound care.

"Soon as I got him, I got a dressing on him. Getting it cleaned out real good," said Ina St Clair, Walsh's mother and nurse.

St Clair said Rowdy is easy to care for.

"Happy go lucky. I think he's got that feeling of knowing that someone's going to help him," St Clair said.

The community has come to help. Walsh's team set up an Amazon Smile Wish List and received donations through the Who Rescued Who nonprofit for Rowdy.

"The gauze wrap. The sterile saline. It's been amazing," Walsh said.

"It's amazing how fast he is healing," St Clair said.

However, both cannot fathom how someone could harm a dog that way. Walsh said she wants to bring awareness to the issue.

"I'm speechless," Walsh said. "It just leaves us speechless. I don't understand it. If you don't want a pet, just don't get a pet. Be responsible."

Meanwhile, Rowdy still has a long road to recovery, but appreciates all the love.

"He has that look of appreciation in his eyes. It's amazing," St Clair said.

"He was shot point blank with a shotgun but still has so much love to give," Walsh said.

Once Rowdy is healed, Walsh hopes that the dog will find a forever home.

If you would like to help, click here.

Here is a link to Who Saved Who's Facebook page.