How you can save on health care in Texas

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HOUSTON – At 7 a.m., Kevin and Shelley Doetticher, of Spring, are just starting what will be another back-breaking day of cleaning out dirty pools.

“We work pretty hard. Most days, it’s eight to 14 hours a day in the heat, the rain, the whatever. We work,” Kevin Doetticher said, with sweat glistening on his face.

The Doettichers work side by side, both on the job, running Kevin’s Pool Services, and at home, raising their three children.

And just like 4.3 million other Texans, they have zero health coverage. They simply cannot afford health insurance.

“We don’t have health insurance because it’s just outrageous. We have to choose food or clothing over health insurance, and food and clothing are just going to come first,” Kevin Doetticher said.

“We price it out. We were looking at spending around $900 a month on insurance with a $5,000 deductible that we would have to meet before the insurance would pay for anything,” Shelley Doetticher said.

Luckily for the couple, they found an incredibly cheap alternative to going to the doctor’s office.

It's a place called Express Family Care in New Caney, and it charges just $50 for an office visit.

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