'Once you've tasted winning, you want to do it again': Astros skipper speaks with KPRC2

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HOUSTON – KPRC2's Sports Director Randy McIlvoy spoke with Astros manager A.J. Hinch ahead of spring training in a two-part interview.

Watch both parts in the videos below.

Hinch touched on all the things you'd want to hear him talk about, from Jose Altuve playing through injury to how he gets the most from his players, Hinch opened up about a lot of things during the conversation.

At one point in the interview, McIlvoy asked Hinch to say the first thing he thought of when he mentioned a player's name.

"He's as clutch as any player I've ever been around," Hinch said of Alex Bregman.

He also had positive words to say about Justin Verlander, Jose Altuve and George Springer.

Watch the first part of the interview here:

In part two, Hinch talked about life away from the ballpark and his role as a father and husband.

Hinch also talked about achieving his goal of reaching the big leagues as a player for seven years and reflects on his first home run in the majors.

Watch the second part in the video below: