Houston lawyer first to file lawsuit over FaceTime glitch

HOUSTON – A Houston attorney has filed a 30-page lawsuit against Apple stemming from the FaceTime glitch that allows callers to listen in even if the other person doesn’t pick up.

Larry Williams III is the first to sue the company for the glitch, saying the bug allowed someone to eavesdrop on a private conversation he had with a client about a sworn testimony.

The bug was first discovered by a 14-year-old boy by accident while he was trying to play games with some friends.

"I am only 14 and I stumbled upon this bug when just trying to play some video games with my friends," the teen said. "It really shows how crazy these devices are. Anything could happen, any bug could give away all your personal information."

According to the lawsuit, neither Williams nor his client were aware of the breach until word of the problem went public.


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Houston Lawyer Apple Lawsuit (PDF)
Houston Lawyer Apple Lawsuit (Text)


Williams said Apple should have been more careful with the design of the software, so he’s suing for negligence, warranty breach and product liability.

The lawsuit does not disclose the amount of money Williams is asking for.

Apple had not responded to the lawsuit, but the company has said that it is aware of the issue and plans to fix it later this week with a new update.