Prayers, reaction ripples through social media after officers shot

HOUSTON – Five officers were shot in southeast Houston on Monday, according to police.

As the news unfolded, many people took to social media to express their concern and offer their support.

Here are some of the messages we have seen:












Gov. Greg Abbott issued the following statement:

“This evening’s horrific attack on police officers is a solemn reminder of the service and sacrifice our brave men and women in law enforcement make every day to keep us safe. The city of Houston and the Houston Police Department will have whatever state resources they need to bring swift justice to those involved. I ask all Texans to join Cecilia and me in praying for the officers injured, and for the continued safety of all law enforcement officers who protect our communities.”














Senator Ted Cruz: "Heidi and I are praying for the five Houston police officers who were shot today, as well as their families. We will continue to follow this developing story."



George P. Bush:

"Praying for the law enforcement officers injured today in Houston. Grateful for their willingness to put their lives on the line day in and day out."

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee:

“My thoughts and prayers are with the wounded officers and the members of the Houston Police Department on this terrible day. The senseless shooting of five of Houston’s finest and bravest early this evening is a tragedy and another reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers who risk their lives to keep their communities safe. 

“Thanks to the swift and professional police work of the Houston Police Department, two of the persons perpetrating this heinous crime have been neutralized and another is being apprehended.

“I hope the families of the victims take comfort in the knowledge that everyone in our community is praying for speedy and complete recovery of each of the officers wounded in this tragedy.”
















Retired ATF Special Agent David Chipman:

“Today, multiple brave officers were shot while serving their community, an act of violence that will devastate our nation’s law enforcement community. We’re holding their families, the Houston Police Department, and the entire community in our thoughts.

“We often think of the job law enforcement officers do every day to protect our communities. But all too often, we fail to think about how we can make the job safer for them.

Police officers are trained to serve and protect our communities and our families, but our laws make it too easy for dangerous individuals to get their hands on a gun and use it.

Lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels must acknowledge this problem and take swift action to pass legislation to prevent future shootings like this one from occurring.”