Cannonball! Raccoons throw pool party in West U

WEST UNIVERSITY, Texas – What’s all that squeaking outside? Oh! It’s just some raccoons going for a dip in the middle of the night.

A West University man said as many as five of the scavengers threw a pool party at his place last week.

Bo Rodriguez said the group of ring-tailed bandits sneaked into his backyard about 4 a.m. Thursday. The best part? All of the splishing and splashing was caught on camera.

The gaze, which is the formal name for a group of raccoons, can be heard squeaking at each other. Another one runs around the edge of the pool while the others frolic in the water. 

Rodriguez said the raccoons scampered away when they heard the neighbor’s dog barking.

About the Author:

Aaron Barker has been a senior digital editor at KPRC 2 since 2016. As a meteorologist, he specializes in stories about the weather. He has covered Hurricane Harvey, the Astros first World Series win, the Santa Fe High School shooting, the ITC fire and Tropical Storm Imelda.