Caught on camera: Accused serial robber struck by police officer's vehicle

PASADENA, Texas – When police officers talk about the use of deadly force, that usually doesn’t include using their patrol car to stop a suspect -- but that’s exactly what a Pasadena police officer did to take down a robbery suspect who is accused of pointing a pistol at him.

Jakouri Jones is accused of robbing two drugstores in Pasadena on Jan. 4.

At the first store, a Walgreen’s, Jones is accused of firing eight shots at a witness who tried to follow him.

Pasadena police immediately surrounded drugstores, suspecting he would try to hit a second store as he had before.

When Jones, 18, robbed a second store later that night, police were ready.

An officer spotted him coming out of a CVS store they said he just robbed. The officer gave chase in his patrol vehicle.

The officer followed Jones across the street in his patrol car into an office complex.

Officials said Jones was carrying a bag full of cash taken from the drugstore in his right hand. In his left hand, he had a pistol, according to police.

The officer tracked Jones through the parking lot, keeping a reasonable distance, until Jones appeared to be trying to turn around to point the pistol.

The officer accelerated and ran him over.

"The suspect turns and points the weapon back in the officer's direction. The officer knew at that point he was in fear of his own life and had to make a decision to stop the threat at that point,” said Josh Bruegger, with Pasadena police.

Jones is still hospitalized, but authorities said none of his injuries are life-threatening.

Ironically, it’s not the first time Jones has been on camera. Last year, following the Florida school shooting, Jones expressed his concerns about violent crime when Fox interviewed students at Bellaire High School.

"It's just sad how we can't go to school and just get knowledge, you know? How we have to be afraid to go to school because someone’s going to shoot up the school, you know? It's very sad," Jones said during the interview.

Jones is now charged with armed robbery.