Good Samaritans spend New Year's Day cleaning up parking lot filled with big fireworks mess

HOUSTON – Sean Bornmeuller spent his afternoon this New Year's Day cleaning up after a night of fun.

It wasn't fun had by him.  As a matter of fact, whose fun it was remained unclear. It didn't matter. All that did were the piles of paper fireworks wrappers left behind in the parking lot of a strip mall at the intersection of Highway Six and Voss Road, near Sugar Land. 

"I looked out there, saw the mess, thought I should clean it up," Bornmeuller said, noting he was eating lunch at a Taco Bell in the same parking lot when he noticed the trash. 

"Literally sitting in Taco Bell, saw this, went straight from Taco Bell and into Home Depot. (I) grabbed a bunch if bags and bought the broom and dustpan and came out here," Bornmeuller said. 

Fireworks are not illegal in Fort Bend County. Passersby, including Bornmeuller, didn't take issue with the fireworks being lit overnight. Their gripe was about the trash New Year's revelers neglected to clean up. 

“This is a mess," exclaimed a shocked Michelle Booth, who drove to the strip mall to shop. 

"I was blown away. I didn't understand what all this debris is on the parking lot. It's totally covered in fireworks. It's unbelievable," Booth said. 

The sight did seem to crazy to believe, according to Emily Cruz. 

"It's ridiculous. It's really ridiculous," Cruz said, while picking up garbage with her niece. Cruz noticed Bornmeuller cleaning and decided to pitch in, too. 

"I'm a proud Texan; so, I'm out here helping even if it takes us all day," Cruz said. 

It took just about all day to complete most of the cleanup. By day's end, Bornmeuller, Cruz, and a few others had filled dozens of heavy duty garbage bags. 

As for who’s to blame, don’t look for any finger pointing here -- not one bit, in fact.

"I don’t really judge. I’m sure they had a good time. I wish I was out here with them. These fireworks look much better than the ones I bought," Bornmeuller joked.