It takes a village: Neighbors band together to rescue 2 puppies from sewer

HOUSTON – People who live in a north Houston neighborhood came together Monday to save a pair of puppies that had fallen into the sewer.

LaChrystal Ricke, who runs a rescue called Reggie’s Friends, said she had been watching a dog who was pregnant for several weeks. She said she had been unsuccessfully trying to round up the dog before she gave birth to a litter of eight. She said people were eventually able to round up the mama dog and six of her puppies, but they had been searching for the two that were missing.

Ricke said that she got a phone call Monday from someone who lives at the corner of Yale and Marathon streets, saying that he believed the missing puppies had crawled into the culvert in front of his house sometime on Thursday. 

Animal control officers responded, but said they could not find the pups, Ricke said. Firefighters responded but said they were not able to help. So, neighbors took it upon themselves to climb down into the sewers and rescue the two puppies.

"They fell about five feet from the drainage culvert and they're actually down in the sewer," Ricke said.

After a few hours, both pups were lifted out of the muck.

“He’s had a really rough go of it,” Ricky said, as she cradled the first rescued but terrified puppy in a blanket. “Oh! Baby! I’m so happy to see you.”

Ricke said both dogs were taken to a veterinarian to be examined.

VIDEO: First puppy rescued from sewer


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