Groupon offering tickets for Astros' ALCS games

HOUSTON – Seat Geek, Stub Hub -- you know the sites to check if you're interested in getting to watch the Astros in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series on Saturday -- but have you checked Groupon?

Yes, Groupon!

The deals website had hundreds of tickets posted for Saturday's game on Tuesday afternoon.

The cheapest seats seen on Groupon are $148 each in the 400 sections.

For comparison, Seat Geek has seats in the 400s with a slightly better view for $225 each.

That's $77 more.

Another little savings trick: If you do go for the Groupon deal, you can sign up for Ebates and you can get 6 percent cash back.

If you did that, two seats to the game would set you back $278 after you got your Ebates money.

A KPRC employee purchased tickets to last Saturday's American League Division Series game through Groupon. She didn't remember paying extra fees, but if she did, they were very small.

Click here to see the Groupon offers.