Dickinson residents take matters into own hands, fix potholes themselves

DICKINSON, Texas – Residents in Dickinson said they are fed up with potholes and decided to fix the problem themselves.

“People have cracked rims on them and they’ve blown tires because the roads are so bad," said Stephanie Weeks.

“I just swerve and drive around them,” said resident Angel Gardner.

Many drivers said the roads resemble an obstacle course.

Zachary Weeks and his wife, Stephanie, said they saw a problem and wanted to be part of the solution. The couple, along with their neighbor, gathered up supplies and got to work. The group has patched up three different locations dotted with potholes within the city.

“We tried contacting the city and they said they didn’t have the money so we just came up with the idea to do it ourselves," Zachary Weeks said.

The group said they have paid $150 out of pocket to do the repairs. They said they hope the city will fix the remaining areas but they have received donations and a lot of gratitude from other residents.

“We just want them to come out here and fix this and make it safer for everyone,” Zachary Weeks said.

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