Could proposed ordinance change block sex robot brothel in Houston?

HOUSTON – A business owner's plan to bring a sex robot brothel to Houston has hit another snag.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is proposing a change to Houston's sexually oriented business ordinance to include sex robots, and outlaw having sex with them at businesses.

Turner will ask City Council to update the rule that could prevent the brothel from opening at the proposed site in the 5600 block of Richmond Avenue at Chimney Rock Road, which is near the Galleria.

Turner would not comment Monday on the proposed changes.

Last week, a city of Houston building inspector discovered unpermitted work going on in the space where the brothel would be located.

Among the deficiencies, the inspector mentions are: ceiling and floor remodeling as and changes to the suites' plumbing. From photos, it appears a shower was being added to the space.


The aging office building, which is chock-full of under-the-radar businesses, could soon be home to a fleet of rentable sex robots. A similar mechanical brothel is already operating in Toronto, but KinkySdolls is off to a rough start.

Last week, the city said the building did not have the proper permitting to proceed with construction.

The ordinance change is up for vote this week before council.