Multitudes of mosquitoes thriving in this wet weather

HOUSTON – The Houston area been inundated with days of wet weather, and when you mix that and hot temperatures, mosquitoes thrive.

During mosquito season, health departments are also concerned about the spread of the West Nile virus.

Cases have already been confirmed in Sugar Land and in Harris County recently.

Not only are the pesky insects flourishing in southeast Texas, people are astonished at the size of some of them.

The hot and wet weather is expected to remain for a while yet, making matters worse. 




Dr. Patricia Pietrantonio, professor of entomology at Texas A&M, said the large size of some mosquitoes depends on various factors, from species to environment.

"Some species are larger and some emerge large depending on the larvae habitats and nutritional resources," Pietrantonio said.

Pietrantonio warns as long as it's hot and wet outside, the mosquitoes will be sticking around.

The Houston Health Department offers some suggestions to protect yourself and take control of the situation that may be occurring around your home:

  • Get rid of standing water in which mosquitoes can breed. If there are any places around your home where water collects, you may be raising mosquitoes. 
  • Be sure door, porch and window screens are in good condition. Don't leave doors to the outside standing open. Change water weekly in vases, plant saucers and containers holding plant cuttings inside the home. 
  • Cover as much skin as possible with clothing to reduce exposure to mosquito bites and use a recommended repellent on exposed skin every time you are outdoors.

Experts say mosquito season dies down when temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees.