Woman returns to her parked car after evening out to find it full of bullet holes

HOUSTON – It was a bizarre Friday night for a Houston woman who found her car riddled with bullets on the passenger side.

The incident happened near Nett and Roy off the Washington Corridor. 

The woman said after hanging out with friends at a bar in the area, she walked back to her car she and found her passenger side window with shattered with bullet holes. 

The bullets in her car may hint to a possible drive-by shooting, but where the woman had left her car raises an eyebrows.

“I came around the passenger side and saw that I had four bullet holes in my window,” the woman said.

She parked her car on the sidewalk and on the other side of the car by the passenger's side is a fence. She said some someone had to have deliberately walked up and shot at her passenger's seat. Other cars parked were not damaged by bullets. 

“It was completely random and caught me off guard,” said the woman. 

The woman reported to the incident to police and despite the thousands of dollars it's going to take her to fix the car seats, doors and window she is thankful she was nowhere near her car. 

“I was just so lucky that I wasn't in the car when it happened considering I wasn't gone too terribly long,” the woman said.