Gov. Abbott calls for removal of red-light cameras in latest re-election push

HOUSTON – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has never been a fan of red-light cameras but, as part of his re-election campaign platform, he is now taking it a step further.

Abbott is seeking to pass a state law to ban municipalities from using red-light cameras, a law that would also require current red-light cameras to go dark.

On Monday, Abbott released his blueprint and supporting evidence for ridding the state of traffic cameras.

Abbott believes the use of such devices causes certain types of accidents and is unconstitutional, denying suspected violators due process.

Houston got rid of red-light cameras by way of public referendum in 2011.

Sugar Land still employs six cameras, scattered throughout the city, according to public information officer Doug Adolph.

Sugar Land claims that less than 1 percent of its budget is derived from traffic camera fines.