Nothing more Texas than a huge Whataburger mum

Photo courtesy of Adrian Michael Alaniz

SINTON, Texas – A Sinton florist who delights in making mums wanted to create an eye-catching mum for homecoming season, and came up with a Whataburger motif idea as he munched on chicken strips.

Adrian Michael Alaniz was able to gather a cup, and cartons for french fries and pie from a local Whataburger and within a couple of hours, the giant orange and white mum was created in all its Texas glory.

The 3-foot tall mum that would stretch across someone's chest, even has LED lights and orange boas in its design.

"There’s nothing more Texas than an actual Whataburger mum,” Michael Alaniz said.

He put the Whataburger mum in his store window at Adrian Michael Events and posted pictures on social media. The response to fast-food theme mum was extensive and the photo postings went viral.

Sinton said orders started rolling in, including from Whataburger headquarters. The fast food giant bought Sinton's creation for $200, which he estimated was a good price for two hours of work. The original mum will be displayed at a Whataburger in Sinton.

Orders for more Whataburger-style mums came from across the state; Michael Alaniz said that will be the only one he will be making.

Now the florist is looking forward to designing Halloween-styled mums with October around the corner.