Stranger drives 7-year-old boy back to school after he was dropped off at wrong bus stop

SPRING, Texas – A Klein ISD mother said she’s upset after her 7-year-old son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop on the first day of school.

Shandrea Manus said what upset her the most was how her son got back to school. She said a stranger drove her second-grader back to the elementary school.

“I’ve never had this happened, I wouldn’t want to see this happen to anybody’s child,” said Manus.

The mother of three said they recently moved to the Cypresswood neighborhood in Spring and Monday was her son’s first day in Klein ISD.

Manus said her two high school children waited for their younger brother at the bus stop, but the bus passed them up.

“The school was calling to say the bus had been dropped him off at the wrong stop and he returned to the school by another parent and come and pick him up,” said Manus.

She learned from her son that it was a woman he didn’t know who gave him a ride.

“I got off at the wrong stop and then I was walking and then this lady said you don’t look like you’re over here,” said Marcello Manus, a second-grader at Haude Elementary School.

“She took me places so I could find my house. I didn’t find it, so she bring me back to the school,” said Marcello. “I was scared. Because I thought they were going to do something to me.”

Manus said since her family is new to the neighborhood, her son didn’t know where exactly they live.

“The school didn’t ask who she was, just let them drop them off and brought him in the school,” said Manus.

Manus said her son did not have his cellphone with him on the first day of school.

Klein ISD said in a statement, “Klein ISD was made aware of this incident and met with the family to discuss the matter this morning. The district has taken steps to help ensure that the student disembarks at the proper bus stop in the future. The safety of our students is always our priority in Klein.”

Manus said the district apologized for what happened but she is still upset.

“Some apologies are not good enough because what if he was taken and something happened to him and he never came back.”