Cherished oak trees may be removed against SW Houston residents' wishes

HOUSTON – Several large oak trees dot the landscape along what residents call little Glenshire Bayou in southwest Houston.

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The trees are located on private property that was recently sold to a land developer, and the residents said they are a big part of their community.

When neighbors saw some trees on the property being cut down, they immediately contacted the Brays Oaks Management District.

Sheri Cortex said she reached out to the new land owner on behalf of her community and said he seemed open to talking.

“Upon hanging up the phone with him, however, he decided to contact the demo gentleman and said (to) level the property, put up no trespassing signs, we're not saving anything,” Cortez said.

Cortez said she has tried to make further contact with the land owner since their initial phone conversation, but hasn't had success.

All was quiet on the property while KPRC was out in the area Wednesday.

Cortez said it’s been red-tagged.

KPRC's attempt to reach the property owner by phone for a comment was unsuccessful.

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Neighbors acknowledge they may be fighting an uphill battle.

“It is private property and all we can do is plead to his sensible side. We want him to go on with whatever he's choosing to do. We're not trying to stop that. We just want him to be part of the community,” Cortez said.

Cortez said she plans on researching the history of the property to see if perhaps contains anything of historical significance.

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