Crews work to clean messy parks after 4th of July

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HOUSTON – It was a cleanup for a party that never happened as crews broke down the Freedom Over Texas setup at Eleanor Tinsley Park Thursday.

City officials told said that rain or shine the show would go on, but the rain was just so intense for so long that they had to cancel the big show. The fireworks show went on, but those who bought concert tickets will be reimbursed.

At the Johnny Steele dog park, mud was everywhere. The park had just reopened after being closed for 10 months following Hurricane Harvey.

Officials said they prepared for flooding at the park again and made renovations to prevent another catastrophic cleanup. Some dog owners, including Lisa Wolff, were disappointed by the mess the rain left behind.

"It's going to flood because it's a low area and that's expected," Wolff said, "I'd like to see them pipe-off the lowest part of it because that area would drain because even when it's not flooding that part is muddy and my dog likes to play in the mud."

Cleanup crews at the dog park said they are still trying to assess the damage to find out how long it will take to recover.