President of homeowners association in Cypress accused of misusing funds

CYPRESS, Texas – A warrant is now out for the arrest of the Mark's Glen Inc Maintenance Association's President Kate Warth for Misapplication of Fiduciary Property.  

Someone with knowledge of the case told KPRC that the HOA debit card that only Warth had access to, was used more than 700 times for personal use and expenditures amounting to nearly $100,000.  

Lisa Franks, who lives in the neighborhood, said she has seen the bank records for the HOA. She claims the accounting shows the HOA president spent money on other things.

"The dollar store, the nail salon, the eyelash studio, vacations, car rentals, grocery bills, Academy," Franks said.

The news made neighbors frustrated because Marks Glen is a private neighborhood.

“We pay to our HOA each year, sometimes to fund repairs whether it be the ditches or the roads,” said Tracey Kay, who lives in Marks Glen.  

Neighbors said their ditches don't drain and they have let the HOA know about it.

“It's always been, ’We need the ditches done, we need the ditches done' and 'We don't have money, we don't have money,'” Franks said. “Well, we did have money.”

We wanted to ask Warth about the charge, but no one answered the door.

We're told the money has since been paid back but there is still a warrant out for her arrest.

Franks said she is frustrated by the situation.

“Not one sorry to anyone in the neighborhood. It's time,” Franks said.