What to know about Primary Runoff Election Day

(Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

HOUSTON – Tuesday is the primary runoff election across the Houston area as voters will cast their ballot.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. across local counties. Voters must vote at the voting precinct where they are registered to vote.

In Harris County, voters must go to the polling place of the precinct where you are registered to vote. Other counties use voting centers, and allow people to cast their ballot at any center.

It is important to know your options and the nearby polling locations before heading out to cast your vote. 

To find polling locations, view a personal sample ballot or review the list of acceptable forms of identification to vote at the poll, voters may visit HarrisVotes.com or call the Harris County Clerk’s office at 713-755-6965.

Helpful links for Primary Election Day:

Forms of required voter identification:

  • Texas driver license
  • Texas personal ID card issued by DPS
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • U. S. military identification card containing the person's photograph
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by DPS
  • United States passport
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person's photograph

If you do not possess or cannot obtain one of the above forms of identification, then you can fill out a declaration at the polls explaining why and bring one of the following supporting documents:

  • Valid Voter Registration Certificate
  • Certified Birth Certificate (must be an original)
  • Copy of or original Bank Statement
  • Copy of or original Government check or paycheck
  • Copy of or original current Utility Bill
  • Copy of or original government document with your name and an address (original required if it contains a photograph)

Click here for approved forms of voter ID.

Click here for a sample ballot for the Republican primary election.

Click here for a sample ballot for the Democratic primary election.

The League of Women Voters has also compiled a guide for voters which you can view here.

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