Purse snatching caught on camera outside SW Houston church

HOUSTON – Houston police said thieves stole a mother’s purse and broke into her car in a church parking lot while she took her child to day care on March 14.

WATCH: Purse snatching caught on camera

Surveillance cameras captured the thieves in the act in southwest Houston.

Investigators from Harris County Precinct 5 Constables office are asking for the public's help in identifying the two suspects and accomplices.

Reagan DeKeyzer said that she remembers that it was a hectic morning. She said she locked her purse in the car and carried her toddler into day care.

“My hands were full, my son was fussing, I was late for work,’ DeKeyzer said.

As soon as DeKeyzer went inside, surveillance video shows the driver of a Dodge Ram truck break into her car after she parked at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in the 8600 block of Chimney Rock. He waited until she got out of her SUV, then pulled alongside it, broke the driver’s window and stole DeKeyzer's purse.

“The windows were smashed and my purse was gone," DeKeyzer said.

A short while later, the second suspect used her credit cards at a Kroger’s grocery store in the 11700 block of South Sam Houston Parkway East and a neighboring fast food restaurant.

DeKeyzer said the bank notified her that two women also attempted to use her debit card to withdraw money.

Investigators hope the video will lead to arrests in the case. While DeKeyzer said the video is difficult to watch, she said it has served as a reminder to never leave your purse in the car.

“It was a tough lesson to learn," she said.

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