Concerns after Astros pitcher Ken Giles punches himself in the face


HOUSTON – Wednesday night, the Astros will get a chance for redemption after Tuesday’s loss to the Yankees.  

Justin Verlander pitched a nearly perfect game on Tuesday and Ken Giles was brought in to finish the ninth inning, which was tied at 0-0.  But Gary Sanchez, with the Yankees, ended up hitting a three-run home run in the ninth giving the Yankees a 4-0 lead and win. 

Giles, visibly upset, left the mound and punched himself in the face, then threw a bat in the dugout.

While many fans understood his frustration, some fans are questioning the type of example it sets for young players. 

"He's in a high-profile, high pressure situation; it's going to happen,” said Scott Shaw, an Astros fan and a Little League coach. “A lot of the guys are under a lot of stress. It's tough to lose a game."

Shaw is a coach with the Sienna Plantation Little League and said it’s a teaching moment for little leaguers. 

"We teach them 'have fun'; if they're disappointed, use that energy on the next practice or next game. Try to redirect the anger to do better,” said Shaw.