Snapchat video shows man shooting gun out of vehicle in NW Houston

HOUSTON – In a Snapchat video sent to KPRC by a viewer, a man can be seen shooting a loaded gun outside the window of a vehicle.

WATCH: Snapchat video of man shooting gun out of window

The viewer obtained the video from the social media site last week. A man can be seen riding in the back seat of a moving vehicle and appears to be shooting a loaded gun somewhere in northwest Houston. Nine rounds can be heard in the video.

KPRC showed the video to people like Kevin Lockler, who was shocked at what he saw.

“To have somebody cruise around the streets like that just buying firearms like that, that is crazy,” Lockler said.

Lockler is a gun owner who believes in responsible ownership.

“It gives gun owners a bad name and that’s part of the issue we have now going on with everybody fighting over the Second Amendment right,” he said.

A woman who goes by the name Empress T found the video disturbing.

“Individuals (are) walking. It’s dark time, you can’t see him, but yet, he can see us,” she said. “And he had targets and he shot as if he had no remorse for anybody that was standing out here.”

It is unclear from the video if anyone was injured. The Houston Police Department has opened an investigation after KPRC brought the video to their attention.