Video: Man steals peacock, bird's friends chase him down

COCONUT GROVE, Fla. – Police in Florida are looking for a bird-snatcher whose dirty work was caught on camera.

He was recorded chasing and stealing peacocks outside a home in Coconut Grove, and at one point, he ended up being chased by angry birds.

In the video, the thief is seen rolling up in a pickup truck, parking in front of the house and then running after a peacock. He eventually manages to snag one of the birds, but not without an angry mob of peacocks on his tail. 

Virginia Jasper, a Coconut Grove resident, said, “He came to my property, he wandered to my porch, very disturbing."

Miami police’s Freddie Cruz said authorities do want to investigate the bird snatching. 

"For a neighborhood to say they have actually seen blood and possibly some animal flesh, I mean that bird could be hurt, could be in danger, so again, now we have animal cruelty," Cruz said.

Neighbors said they did not recognize the thief's truck and they believe he doesn't live in the area.

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