Court documents reveal alleged details of Anthony Buzbee's destructive encounter with Dallas woman

HOUSTON – After charges were read against Lindy Lu Layman, the 29-year-old didn't say much as details of her arrest were revealed at her probable cause hearing.

Layman is charged with criminal mischief after prosecutors say she destroyed pricey paintings and sculptures following a date with high-profile attorney Tony Buzbee Saturday night.

During the probable cause hearing, the judge said, "The complainant informed officers that had the defendant went out on the first date. She became heavily intoxicated. When they returned to his home, he believed she was too intoxicated and decided he wanted her to leave."

According to prosecutors, after returning to Buzbee's home following that date, Buzbee called an Uber for Layman.

During court proceedings, court officials said, "She refused to leave the location, hid somewhere in his home. He states when he found her, he told her he would call a second Uber driver which he did."

But prosecutors say after that second Uber driver arrived, things took a violent turn.

"He said that she walked into his home, began shouting 'I'm not leaving' along with obscenities while damaging three of his paintings and two of his sculptures ... stated that she poured red wine on the paintings, ripping them off the wall with her hands and threw both sculptures on the ground with her hand shattering them," court officials said.

Also outlined in court, prosecutors say Layman caused at least $300,000 worth of damage to those three paintings, including an original Andy Warhol and the two shattered sculptures.

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