Heart attack survivor thanks EMS workers who saved his life in person

HOUSTON – Sept. 30 may be just another day for all of us, but for Kevin Kendrick, of Cypress, it is a day he will never forget. 

He suffered a major heart attack and had a near-death experience. Kendrick was so touched by the emergency medical services workers who saved his life, he wanted to thank them in person. They used a machine called a Lucas Two, an automatic chest compressor. 

“It does CPR a whole (lot) more efficient(ly) than any human can,” said Jonathan Coyle, with Cypress Creek EMS. Every Cypress Creek ambulance has one.

The machine is programed to compress at a rate of 100 beats per minute at a depth of 2 inches.
Cypress Creek EMS workers used it to save Kendrick’s life after he suffered a major heart attack. 

“I was having trouble breathing,” Kendrick said. 

Kendrick went to a local urgent care complaining of chest pains, collapsed and suffered cardiac arrest. Medical staff used a defibrillator in an attempt to restart his heart while waiting for EMS to arrive.

“In my head, it clicked right away: Mr. Kevin was having a heart attack,” said V. Miller, with Cypress Creek EMS. 

Once he was in the ambulance, they shocked Kendrick four times with a defibrillator and used the automatic chest compression device to get his pulse back as they were rushing him to the hospital with no time to spare. 

“He was in the right place at the right time. He had the right crew, had the right staff at the hospital doing exactly what needed to be done,” Coyle said. 

Kendrick and his family met the EMS team that saved his life Friday. His heart is abundant with the gratitude. 

“I've experienced unbelievable things. It's a miracle I am here and I realize that. I'm indebted to you all forever,” Kendrick said.

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