Woman issues warning after being robbed at grocery store

WEST UNIVERSITY, Texas – A West University woman is warning grocery shoppers to be on the lookout after she was robbed at the H-E-B on Buffalo Speedway and Bissonnet Street.

“They knew the timing, they knew how to crouch down and hop in as I was reaching for my door, it was so fast and so quick,” explained the woman who was robbed.

She asked us not to use her name.

Houston police said they responded to the H-E-B on Saturday, Oct. 28, in the afternoon.

The woman said she had finished shopping, put her bags in the car and was getting inside her car.

“I had it in my hand, I reached over to shut my door and a guy jumped into my car and ripped it right off my body,” she said. “I screamed at the top of my lungs, I jumped out and said, 'That guy stole my purse.'”

Inside the Louis Vuitton cross-body purse were her car keys, her credit cards and license.

“His car had come in off of Buffalo Speedway, parked behind my car and there was a driver, the guy had jumped in the car and sped through the people that were running towards me and was out on Buffalo Speedway, heading toward the freeway before we even had a chance to say anything,” she explained.

HPD said the only description they have of the car is that it was a white KIA. One of the suspects is described as a black male wearing a red jumpsuit.

“I feel so violated. As I’m driving through just now to park, I noticed there were so many ladies with their purses on their carts and they’re not even paying attention,” she explained.

The woman said she is so upset she can't go back to shop at the grocery store and wants to see more surveillance cameras and police. She said because she was parked next to a tree, the cameras didn’t pick up everything and only got the suspect getting into the vehicle.

She said the suspect did try to use her credit card, she’s also nervous because they have her license information.

HPD is asking for any information and to call Crime Stoppers.