Meet teen whose customized Kate Upton-Astros shirt has gone viral

HOUSTON – Supermodel Kate Upton and her fiancee Justin Verlander have captured the attention of the cameras in Houston since the ace pitcher joined the Astros. She's also attracted the interest of another young man who pitches for a different local team.

"I strive to be like Justin Verlander," said Landon Newcomb, 16. "Maybe, one day, (I'll) have a girl like Kate Upton, you know?"

Newcomb is an 11th grader at Summer Creek High School in Humble ISD. He said the cover model has stolen his heart.

So, when Newcomb spotted a T-shirt with the Astros' logo and Upton's name, he had to have one for himself. He went right to a print shop in Humble and got one made. A photo of him in the Upton shirt went viral and he admits that he has had trouble taking it off. 

"This is the second day in a row," he said. "I really liked it, and it was a hit. (I) had to bring it back out."

The high schooler, who already has his own lovely girlfriend, also admires Kate Upton's fiancee. Newcomb said he just doesn't understand how Justin Verlander deals with all that pressure.

"I think if Kate Upton was at my games, I wouldn't be able to throw one strike," he said with a laugh.

Newcomb said he had his made at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts in Humble. Customers can buy the shirts there or they can bring their own. It costs $18.99 for a color-printed shirt.

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