Houston Voodoo doctor pitches in to help Astros in ALCS

HOUSTON – A Houston Voodoo doctor is pitching in to help the Astros, who are in a do-or-die situation coming into Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

The New York Yankees are leading the series 3-2 after winning three straight.

The Astros must win Friday night when the teams face off at Minute Maid Park.

To help break the Yankees' spell, Absolem, one of just 13 New Orleans Voodoo conjurer doctors in the U.S.

, stepped up to the plate. A follower of the famous New Orleans Voodoo queen Marie Laveau, he says Voodoo is a 500-year-old religion that can be used for good.

To prove it, he performed what is called a “binding ceremony" Thursday at his Midtown Mojo Shop in the 4000 block of Polk Street.

“We mean that we’re going to bind their hands and their sight and bind their skills as baseball players so we can give an advantage to our Astros home team,” he said. “They’ll throw bad pitches. They might drop their bat. They might hit the ball and it might not go anywhere.”

Baseball and Voodoo were played for laughs in the popular 1989 movie Major League,” but Thursday’s ceremony was the real thing. It included a live ball python, rum, cigars and drummers accompanying Absolem as he put a list of the Yankee players in a smoke filled jar and invoked the spirits to befuddle the Yankees and buttress the Astros.

“That smoke will cloud their thoughts, cloud their eyes, maybe misguage the ball, things like that. We guarantee results,” he said. “It’s going to be a great day for the Astros.”

So it may well be the “damned Yankees” really are damned now, if the spirits are willing.

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