Is your merging etiquette making traffic worse?

'Zoomer' is doing it right, traffic engineer says

HOUSTONHouston’s freeways are no stranger to road rage incidents. They often begin with attempts at merging, when two vehicles blend into a single lane of traffic.

One place where merging becomes particularly tricky is near a construction zone where one lane is about to end.

There are three distinctly different driving strategies to navigate the closure.

You have the "early merger," who wants to be polite and abandons that lane a mile or two away from the closure.

You have the "zoomer," who stays in that lane, which is emptying fast. He drives all the way to the closure and then tries to merge.

And you have the "oh no you won't" driver, who attempts to block the zoomer.

Traffic engineers said the driver who stays in that closing lane until near the end is the person doing it right.

Engineer Chris Brookes said in moderate to heavy traffic, the drivers who stay in that lane until near the end will actually help ease congestion.