2 raccoons invade woman's apartment

HOUSTON – Cellphone video caught an uninvited guest in a north Harris County apartment.

A closer look showed raccoons just hanging around to welcome Brittney Alexander home Wednesday morning.

"They went and just knocked everything down like a burglar, and they sat in my window looking back at me film them in my apartment," Alexander said.

Alexander said there were actually two raccoons in her place at the Trails of Dominion Park apartment complex and believes they got in through a hole in the attic before having their way with the apartment, including her 5-year-old's bedroom.

"This is my daughters' room, they had to climb up here and they were were in her bed. And scratching at the window, they were hanging in her blinds mostly," Alexander said.

Alexander said maintenance crews eventually showed up and caught one of the raccoons and patched up the hole in the attic. The other raccoon got away.

Alexander complained to apartment management but added they only offered to let her out of the lease or relocate to another apartment on the property with her footing to bill for the move.

WATCH: Raccoons invade apartments in north Harris County

"You can't help me, and I'm paying rent here and thinking that it's a safe environment. I'm hurt and furious," Alexander said.

Besides the frustration of having the raccoons in her apartment in the first place, this upset mother is now worried about where to even begin in the cleanup process and if the apartment complex will ultimately help her out.

"I don't want to touch anything because I know that this is wild animals and they carry all types of diseases," Alexander said.

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