Restaurant Report Card: Several month-old food and German cockroaches

HOUSTON – It's not really a lot to ask. When you fork over your hard-earned money at a restaurant, you expect the food to be fresh. Maybe it won't be incredible, but at the very least it will be fresh.

Houston health inspectors said that was not the case when it came to cheese at Jade’s Teahouse, located at 5475 West Loop.

At Jade's Teahouse, inspectors discovered cheese with a date indicating that it was several months old. That’s a problem because the health department says fresh food should not be held for more than seven days once it has been opened.

Inspectors also found pink slime in the ice machine and gave the order to clean the machine.

At Harvest Express at 5000 Westheimer Road inspectors found food not safe for human consumption.

They found lamb, pizza and cheesecakes being stored in the cooler at temperatures 55 and 70 degrees, which is way out of bounds.

The temperatures should be no higher than 41 degrees.

Inspectors determined the cooler unit was not working and ordered that it be quarantined.

Health inspectors reported finding German cockroaches in “all stages of life” at Pronto Cucinino at 791 Town and Country Boulevard.

Restaurant inspectors said they spotted the creatures in the kitchen area and the dishwashing area, both on top of the floor and beneath it as well as along the front kitchen cook line.

Roaches were also on the run at Horns Of Africa located at 5930 Renwick Dr.

Inspectors found three live roaches inside the mop and sink room and dead roaches scattered on the floor of the restaurant. They gave the order to remove all dead roaches and bring in exterminators more frequently to control pests.

We often hear of slime in the ice machine, pretty much every week. But how about dirt and slime in that machine? Inspectors report finding both at the Jack in the Box located at 12777 East Freeway.

And this week, our prestigious A-Plus Award goes out to the meticulously clean crew at Shri Balaji Bhavan.

They earned a perfectly, spotless restaurant inspection report and they deserve our award.

Boooo Yaaaaah Baby, you guys ain’t misbehaving.

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