Man in photo with small child on motorcycle arrested for prior warrants

HOUSTON – A man’s Facebook post called out a driver who appears to be carrying a small child aboard his motorcycle was arrested for outstanding warrants Tuesday afternoon.

Many people commenting on the Facebook post are calling out the motorist, asking for him to be prosecuted, while others are trying to identify him.

Anthony Welsh, 31, is believed to have been riding the motorcycle with the child. The Liberty County sheriff deputies arrested Welsh at 4:30 p.m. for prior outstanding warrants.

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The photo was taken in Liberty County. A police report has not been filed there, according to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

The Facebook post has been shared at least 60 times online and many are sharing their reactions to the photo.

The post reads: “Any one of my friends know this (expletive) idiot?!?! The reason a say (expletive) idiot is one, he has a toddler smaller than my son on this bike with a back tire about (expletive) flat!”

Liberty County Sheriff's Office Capt. Ken DeFoor told KPRC2 that they have been receiving calls about the photo. Officials said they are contacting possible witnesses to this incident that could possibly lead to more serious charges.

DeFoor said what is pictured is punishable by law. He said Welsh could be charged with not obeying the law that says a person can only sit in an approved seat.

In the photo, DeFoor said the child in the photo is not sitting on a seat. Texas law says a person must sit on an approved seat to ride.

The punishment amount, if Welsh is convicted, is at a judge's discretion. If the child was injured, Welsh could face additional charges.

Welsh has been turned over to the Deer Park Police Department for his prior warrants as the investigation continues.

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