Man who shot Stafford PD officer in face sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty

STAFFORD, Texas – Sergio Rodriguez, who is the last of the three men accused of attacking police Officer Ann Marie Carrizales, pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated assault on a peace officer in return for a sentence of 50 years in prison.

The incident occurred in October 2013 when Carrizales was shot twice while making an early morning traffic stop in Stafford.

She said almost immediately, one of the passengers leaned over and shot her directly in the face and chest at point blank range.

Without hesitating Carrizales said she fired back at her attackers blasting out their rear window as the three men sped away.

From there, Carrizales said she entered into a high speed chase with the trio that lasted for 20 miles before other Stafford officers arrived to help.

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"I took that first shot to the face and that was my first thought," she said. "Fight back, you started this gun battle with me. OK here we go -- it’s on."

Carrizales said she fought for her life because it was how she was trained and she will always be a fighter.

"It means I can take that weight down off my shoulder and put it down," she said. "You shot me twice and I didn't go down then and I'm not down now. You'll never keep me down. You couldn't even kill me right."

Carrizales looked into the eyes of Rodriguez as she stood before him in court Monday morning.

"I've waited three and a half years to face you, she said. “To find out whether or not you'd look me in the eyes. And I appreciate that you're doing that now. The same way you looked at my eyes that night. Do you remember? I do too. Our eyes locked. As you pulled the trigger and I saw that muzzle flash shoot out into the darkness."

She asked questions. Rodriguez responded with a "yes" as she delivered her victim's impact statement in court.

"Do you feel remorse? Are you scared? Or do you just not care?" Carrizales asked. "Only you know."

She said she will face a lifetime of dealing with the traumatic incident.

"The fact that he looked me in the eye and that he actually answered my questions that I never expected him to do that, Carrizales said. “That's, if it makes any sense, it's somewhat comforting.  Because that's something the other two couldn't do."

She now travels to share her story with other officers -- hoping what she endured and survived will somehow help others.

Carrizales is now a reserve deputy with Meadows Place Police Department.

She made her final statements to Rodriguez, "Three and a half years ago, you shot me. Twice. And today you accept your sentence. As for me, I'm still here. Why? Because you couldn't even kill me right. Hopefully now, you'll try and do something right for yourself."



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