Haverstock Hills Apartments residents gather to voice concern over security


HAIRRIS COUNTY, Texas – The people who live in the Haverstock Hills Apartments held a rally Tuesday to say they are fed up with the violence inside the complex and they're demanding change.

The calls for increased security come after Sunday's deadly shooting in north Harris County that took the lives of two men and injured four other people.

"Six months ago it was a baby and six months now this," says Claudie McAdams, who attended the rally. "A year ago it was a lady who got shot and killed at the apartments."

One woman, who didn't want to be identified, is now caring for her 16-year-old granddaughter, Ty-Bra Baptiste, who had a bullet go through her intestines.

"I came home, took me a shower to change, clean up the blood out my bathroom and go back home," said the grandmother. "I'm on my way back to the hospital."

The residents' main source of frustration is the lack of a security guard at the apartment entrance.

They are also concerned by the shortage of working security cameras and the fact the security gate doesn't work. Residents say it's been unable to close for the past nine years.

But some residents have already started looking for a new place to live and others say any improvements will be too little too late.

"Even if they do get the gate and that fixed, a security guard,they're going to find a way to get in anyway," says Adriane Hill, who's only lived here since December. "I really don't have any faith in that system and I don't feel safe here."

Law enforcement agency records show that over the past 17 months there have been more than 400 calls for service to Haverstock Hills.

A spokesperson for the apartment complex owner says that's actually a dramatic decrease, as there were about 3,000 calls for service a year in previous years.

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