Restaurant Report Card: Unsafe food found in Houston restaurants


HOUSTON – It's something every restaurant in Houston has to do -- maintain stored food in the cooler at 41 degrees or lower.

The reason is simple: to keep that food safe from bacteria and to protect the consumer from getting sick.

Forty-one or below is the rule.

But at Jack In The Box located at 9602 Mesa Drive, health inspectors found food not safe for human consumption because it was not stored cold enough.

In fact, the cooler was quarantined for not working properly and health inspectors ordered that the restaurant would have to be re-inspected.

Next up, Bawarchi Byrani Indian Cuisine at 2922 Hillcroft, where inspectors discovered slime in the ice machine. Restaurant owners were ordered to clean and sanitize the ice maker.

At La Pupusa Loca on Hillcroft, health inspectors found evidence of insects and rodents. Specifically, they found rodent droppings on the shelves in the kitchen.

When Channel 2 Investigates went to ask managers about the problem, we were told they would not talk to us.

This week the restaurant Quan Binh Minh on Bellaire Boulevard was in hot water for allowing employees to hang their clothing on the cooking utensil's shelf. The place was also written up for storing food containers on the floor of the kitchen. The containers are supposed to be stored at least six inches above the floor.

And we are wrapping this week up at Elsys Restaurant on Airline. Inspectors found shredded chicken, beef fajitas and cooked yucca not safe for human consumption because of temperature.

All of that food was condemned and thrown away.

Check restaurant inspections in your area.