Class pets stolen from west Houston home

HOUSTON – Five-year-old Halle stood in her West Houston neighborhood Friday night holding a sign that said, “Stolen Turtles.” The preschooler is hoping someone knows who took her turtles and will help her get them back.

Three turtles and their tank disappeared from her front porch in the 13000 block of Garden Grove Court. The cost to replace the turtles and the tank will be around $200.

The turtles belonged to her class.

Halle’s mother had agreed to watch them over spring break.

“I feel horrible, just horrible,” said Kim Cross.

Cross brought home the turtles and the lizard that belongs to her 10-year-old daughter Aubrey’s class.

“We had all the pets sitting outside on the porch to get some sun before I cleaned the tanks,” she said. “I took my little one in to take a nap and when I came back outside, the turtles were gone.”

It appears someone walked off with them.
The turtles and the tank were missing but the thieves left the lizard and its tank.

"We have to break the news to the class. I called the teacher, but over spring break she didn't pick up," Cross said.

Cross is hoping someone who knows something will come forward and help her get the turtles back. They belong to a classroom full of 4- and 5-year-olds who are likely going to be upset by the news.

“Each kid in the class has contributed to the tank. One kid bought a turtle. One kid bought the bridge that was in there and the rocks. It’s been a community project and we ruined it,” Cross said.

Cross said she filed a police report.