Father of pregnant woman's baby paid $1,500 to have her killed, police say

BAYTOWN, Texas – Rose Marie Hunt thought she was going on a date to reconnect with a high school friend, David Galindo.

"The story that he gave us was basically he'd gone to high school with her, reconnected with her through social media and decided to take her on a date," Lt. Steve Dorris, of the Baytown Police Department, said.

But that so-called date soon became a day her family will never forget.

The 21-year-old, who was 8 months pregnant, was found shot to death on the side of the road just hours after police say Galindo picked her up.

Now police say they know why.

"Mr. Galindo, the gentleman that was arrested for her murder, was, in fact, paid $1,500 to commit the murder," Dorris said.

Police are learning more details about what they first thought was a random act of violence.

"The suspected father of the baby was the one that paid Mr. Galindo to commit the murder," Dorris said.

They've since arrested 23-year-old Derrick Metcalf. Police believe he was the unborn baby's father, and they say the plan to have Hunt killed was related to her pregnancy.

"What we suspect now is that communication, that recontact, with her, was actually part of the plan to get the two together," Dorris said.

Police say the two suspects didn't know each other before the murder plan. They were introduced by a mutual friend just to make the deal.

Police tell us they also arrested 18-year-old Daizy Costello, who they say was Galindo's girlfriend. They say she was there during negotiations and had a role in the murder.

"She took some actions that further facilitated the murder," Dorris said.

Baytown locals say they've all heard the tragic story.

"For young people to do something like that, it's mind-blowing," Baytown resident David Orosco said.

Both Galindo and Metcalf have been arrested, along with Costello.

Stephen Orosco lives across the street from Costello's family. He said he had heard of the murder, but he didn't know it had hit so close to home.

"For somebody to be related to it, across the street from my house, it's just eye-opening," Orosco said.

Police say both Metcalf and Costello have since admitted to their involvement in the murder.

All three suspects are charged with capital murder.

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