Man accused in murder-for-hire plot has history of criminal charges

HOUSTON – Leon Jacob sat in jail Tuesday.

He and veterinarian Valerie McDaniel were charged with soliciting capital murder of McDaniel’s ex-husband and Jacob’s ex-girlfriend.

McDaniel, 48, was released from jail on bond Monday afternoon.

Jacob, 38, remained in jail, a place that, according to legal documents, he has been several times over the years.

Channel 2 Investigates found he was arrested for felony burglary in Ohio in 2013.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

In January, his ex-girlfriend said he assaulted her.

Court documents read:

"She began to scream and the defendant then grabbed her face with his hands and applied pressure busting her upper lip causing her pain. The defendant stated, 'Shut up you dumb (blank).'”

The woman told investigators that she bit him and he let her go.

Jacob told a different story. He said the ex-girlfriend was throwing stuff around the apartment and he was trying to calm her down.

Police said, in the court documents, that Jacob admitted it had probably not been a good idea to put his hand over her mouth.

She got a protective order.

Two weeks later, he faced a stalking charge involving the same woman.