Family hopes surveillance video will help catch killer

Family members are hoping new surveillance video will help find the person who killed Miguel Juarez.

"I'm hoping someone would speak up,” Miguel’s sister Rosa Juarez said.

Rosa Juarez knows the "what," the "where," and the "when," pertaining to Miguel Juarez's death, but the "who," and "why," are the biggest questions still unanswered

"We still don't know why this happened like he didn't deserve it, he didn't deserve that,” Rosa Juarez said.

On the grainy surveillance video dated Aug. 26th, 2016, you can see Miguel outside a convenience store on Glenburnie Drive. 

Juarez and another man got into an argument before the other man pulled a gun and shot Juarez to death. 

"I know people know like I know people from there seen what happened. There's people there that seen what happened,” Rosa Juarez said.

Rosa is referring to the people you can see in the video-who got the cleanest view of the shooting-Not to mention others who may have been around that day

"They'd be helping us get some closure to this," Rosa Juarez said.

Closure for a young 20-year-old father of four and a family left wondering "why."

Police said they've been running into brick walls in this investigation.

They, too, are asking for the public's help with any information on Miguel’s murder.

The family said they would be willing to offer a $5,000 reward to an actual witness to the crime.