Dozens of animals evacuated from Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists after reported fire

HOUSTON – Dozens of animals were evacuated from Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in the Galleria area Thursday after reports of a fire. 

A veterinarian told KPRC2 that someone smelled smoke around 11 a.m. Thursday and called the Houston Fire Department. The smoke alarms then went off.

Sources told KPRC2 a dryer caught fire in the lower level of the building, prompting the evacuation.

All animals and employees were evacuated as a precaution, including some animals who were in the middle of surgery.

Jennifer Roth went to the hospital to pick up her golden retriever, Gracie. She saw the fire trucks blocking the entrance to the hospital.

She said, "I panicked. I just drove around the feeder and parked over here and walked over here and they had someone waiting there waiting to tell us everyone was OK. All of the dogs were out immediately."

Stacy Welch works at the hospital. She told her coworkers to move everyone out.

She said, "I was in my office.  I smelled smoke.  I'm on the lowest level. I grabbed my dogs.  I ran outside. The alarm had not gone off yet. I saw smoke coming from the lowest level up the stairwell. I dialed 911 at that point."

Linda Freedman was at the hospital with her dog for a checkup. She said her dog was okay. But there were others who had trouble. 

She said, "It didn't affect her.  Some of the other dogs were pretty upset. They had a couple. One of them crashed out here. He was really sick. But he's fine now, too."

We're told there were no injuries from the fire. Some animals had to be attended to while outside of the building during the evacuation.

VIDEO: HFD responds to reported fire

Witnesses told KPRC2 that smoke could be seen billowing from the building.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists said all pet owners have been notified.