Harris County DA Kim Ogg facing backlash over proposed drug plan

HOUSTON – Mayor Sylvester Turner for Houston said, "I think where we can improve the system and make it more efficient, we need to do that."

Turner say he's still reviewing the details of a proposed plan by newly elected Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg regarding people caught with small amounts of drugs -- namely marijuana.

One that could ultimately mean offenders caught with small amounts of pot may not be arrested.

The mayor says that depending on the impact, he could get behind the plan.

"Certainly we don't need to add to jail overcrowding if we can avoid it," explained Turner.

But down the road in Montgomery County, the district attorney there has a different opinion on the matter.

Brett Ligon, the Montgomery County DA, said, "No one has the right to choose to disregard the laws of the state of Texas."

Ligon says unlike Harris County, Montgomery County will not be a sanctuary for dope smokers.

"As the elected district attorney, you've got one job and that's to enforce the laws. If you want to change the laws, then run for state rep or state senator," said Ligon.

Still, many people we caught up with in both counties seem split on the possible new plan dealing with weed.

Stacy Goldstein, a resident weighing in on the proposed pot plan, said, "You'd be incentivizing people, I think, that it's OK to continue using and buying dangerous drugs to get them."

Floyd Davis, another resident, said, "Get some of the guys doing the real stuff off the streets. Pot's not hurting anyone."

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