Baby shower gifts: The must-have items you really need, should give

Forget all the fluff - here are the supplies parents really need

The baby shower is a fun time for the mom-to-be, but registering for gifts can be overwhelming. The list ideas go on and on, and of course you want to have everything. But what do you really need?

Stay-at-home mom Whitney Seewald says a baby carrier.

“When they are first born, that fourth trimester thing is legit. They want to be held, Seewald said. “They want to be close together. And tucked in.”

Seewald, a mom of two, says mobility is key for her and baby carriers allow her to sooth baby and have hands free time. Burp cloths are a good idea, too.

Dr. Sherri Sandifer, a pediatrician with Texas Children's, agrees with Seewald, but has a few items on her list too.

She said. “I think one of the top things a mother needs is the car seat. You can't even leave the hospital without one.”

Sandifer suggests telling your friends and family to all chip in.

Also on her list, diapers. Sandifer said, “You're going to go through a lot of those! Most of these babies are going to pee or poop every time you feed them.”

Another piece of advice: pay attention to what everybody else is bringing. Sanifer said, “If you are going to the baby shower, make sure not everybody’s coming with the newborn size clothes. Babies grow fast!”

Dominique Sachse’s personal tip for breastfeeding mothers is to keep a supply of lanolin on hand. She said, “Not only is it great for dry and cracked skin. It also works as a great lip balm.”

Also, here's a money-saving tip: Moms should go ahead and go crazy when you are registering. Most places like Target and Babies “R” Us give you a discount on what you don't get.