Cypress Ranch High School students in hot water after Hitler pose in senior pictures

CYPRESS, Texas – Several controversial photos of students from Cypress Ranch High School are circulating on social media.

The pictures show a group of students, some with their hands in the air making what appears to be a Nazi salute.

In an email to KPRC Channel 2, a student who witnessed the incident but asked to remain anonymous said students were shouting "Heil Hitler" and "Heil Trump. The student also said it was at least 70 or so people and, "It was pretty terrifying."

The photos were taken on Tuesday, picture day for the senior class. One photo was supposed to be serious, the second was supposed to be funny.

"I've heard that there was chanting and there was saluting," student Ariena Schmidty said.

No one is laughing about it now.

The email from the Cypress Ranch student went on to say, “Most people may think it was just kids just joking around but in the current political climate and the fact these kids are seniors in high school, it's beyond unacceptable.”

Principal Bob Hull said it has been a sad and embarrassing few days for him.