Deputies mistook cat litter for meth, man says

Ross Alexander LeBeau was originally charged with possession

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Ross Lebeau is smiling in his mug shot because he knows the truth.

"I was dumbstruck. I couldn't believe they actually thought it was meth," Lebeau, 24, said. "I tried to think that this was just a nightmare, I was just waiting to wake up from it."

Lebeau was stopped by officers on Dec. 5 after he failing to use his blinker.

Deputies say Lebeau admitted to having marijuana in his console, and so he gave them consent to search the rest of his vehicle, and in the trunk they found a sock full of something.

"At the time, I didn't know what was in there. But I knew it wasn't meth, or anything that could be drug related or harmful," Lebeau said.

He knew it wasn't meth, but officers weren't sure. They conducted two field tests, and both came back positive for the drug.

"I was freaking out. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour," Lebeau said.

He was arrested, and what began as a minor infraction soon turned into three nights in jail.