Four men accused of BB gun shooting spree in Montgomery County

As many as 24 cases linked to suspects

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – Four men are facing charges after an alleged BB gun shooting spree that damaged several vehicles.

Christopher Collins, Devin Leal, Tyler Cunningham and Marcus Paiz are facing felony criminal mischief charges.

On Jan. 6, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office District 1 responded to Lakeside Liquor on FM 1097 at Long Street, Shadow Bay and the Enchanted Waters neighborhood after 14 criminal mischief reports were made. Most reports involved damage to vehicles.

A liquor store reported that the windows of the store were shot at while employees were inside.

"Yeah, it was scary. It sounded like dynamite," Debbie Johnson, Lakeside Liquor manager, said. "We hit the floor, I pushed the panic button while she (a co-worker) was on the phone with 911."

Deputies said they were investigating the cases when they stopped a red Chevy truck matching the suspect vehicle description. They said three of the suspects were inside, while another showed up at the scene.

"So, when the bullet came through, if I wasn't sitting there it would have hit me," Johnson said. "I hope they throw the book at them."

[WATCH: BB gun damage]

Investigators said the BB guns linked to the cases were recovered at a residence in Willis, Texas.

Willis Police said it will add charges involving 10 additional criminal mischief reports and an assault report.

"That's my mother-in-law's room right there, so it could have been bad, been very bad," Raashan Curl, whose car windows were shot, said.

"I still can't understand why they would do that. Silly," Jennifer Ellis, whose SUV was shot at, said.