Woman recounting military helicopter crash: 'I heard a big boom'

SEABROOK, Texas – It's a sound Tania Reinecke hears all the time -- an Army helicopter flying overhead -- and she happened to be on the phone when she noticed one roar over her house Wednesday.

"You know, it was just coming over and so I had to stop momentarily to tell her, 'Oh the helicopter is coming by,' because it's really loud," Reinecke said.

But this turned out to be no ordinary flyover.

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"It flew over my head, over the roof of the house, and I went right back to talking to her and I heard a big boom. So I looked back up and it was gone," Reinecke said.

Reinecke didn't find out about the tragic ending until a little later, saying she was shocked because nothing seemed to be wrong when it flew by.

"It was just flying its regular path. It was strong. There wasn't any smoke coming out of it," Reinecke said.

Other neighbors heard the crash too.

"A real loud noise in the air. And I got up, and I looked out. I saw nothing, no smoke. Nothing," Rodger Clark said.

Mary Ann Hopkins says it was so loud, it woke her up.

"I didn't see anything I was in bed. It knocked me out of my bed," Hopkins said.

She says the loss of these two men is tragic, but they're happy no one else got hurt.

"It's scary because I tell you, if it had been 100 more feet this way, it would've hit some homes," Hopkins said.